Test Inks

For testing the surface tension
To determine the cleanliness of surfaces

Test Inks can make statements on the adhesive strength
of printing inks, coatings and adhesives
on all surfaces such as plastic, metal and glass
as well as on the degree of
cleanliness in mN/m (dyne/cm).

Test inks PINK

Test inks PINK

  • Available in a range of 22 to 60 mN/m surface tension
  • Available in bottles or in pens
  • PINK test ink is non-toxic

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Test inks BLUE

Test inks BLUE

  • Available in a range of 18.4 to 105 mN/m surface tension
  • Available in bottles or in pens (28 to 72 mN/m)
  • 30 to 72 mN/m according to ISO8296, DIN 53364.
  • Toxic from 24 to 57 mN/m

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Quick test pens


  • Available in 38 mN/m
  • Available as QUICKTEST 38®, 5 ml or QUICKTEST 38® Jumbo, 15 ml

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Test Pens PINK Jumbo

Test Pens PINK Jumbo

30 to 44 mN/m

with accuracy +/- 1,0 mN/m

observation time: 4 seconds

15 mm line width

available in sets of 4, 6 and 8 pcs. or as single pens

Content 17 ml

• simple handling

• no spilling

• better colour display

• optimal for testing large areas

Solvent system based on ethyl alcohol
art.no. 40.32000.0


is a solution based on ethyl alcohol. It serves to improve cleanliness on various surfaces such as metals, glass and plastics. With the arcotestCLEANER also tested parts can be reused by wiping off the test ink. As the surfaces formulations are very different, a suitability test should be carried out before each application.

Eigenschaften des arcotestCLEANER
  • better cleanliness due to surface
  • cleaning solvent system based on ethyl alcohol
  • no unpleasant odour
  • dries very quickly
  • can clean and possibly increase adhesion-strength
  • in one step easy removal of the applied test inks
  • available in 250 ml aluminium bottles
art.no. 40.66100.0


Rapidtest 38® serves to check
if the treatment of polyolefins
has shown an effect onto the material.

  • extremely easy to handle
  • perfect for quick checks on polyolefins
  • no wiping off necessary
  • lasting display of result
  • archiving of the image possible
Rapidtest 38® Jumbo
art.no. 40.66100.4


not toxic to aquatic organisms • does not cause eye damage • not harmful to health

arcotest GmbH

We are manufacturers of test inks since 1976.
We offer a comprehensive overall program of inks, pens and accessories.

Test Inks


Expert advice, guarantee of the given values, reliable and prompt delivery, cooperation with our customers at home and abroad have been our absolute priority for 40 years.


For quality assurance, the inks are tested using a state-of-the-art contact angle measuring device, taking temperature and density into account.
Safety data sheets provide information on handling, storage and transport regulations.

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Check metal surfaces for cleanliness.

In this application example, is tested with test ink PINK from 10 ml bottles with cotton swabs. Take a new cotton swab after each use.

Testing of a polyolefin film for 38mN/m

Rapidtest 38® serves to check if the treatment of polyolefins (polypropylene, polyethylene, polybutylene) has shown an effect onto the material. A stroke of the pen leaves a full line on thematerial if thematerial’s surface tension has a value of 38mN/m or more. The fluid applied to the surface will dry within seconds, it does not need to be wiped off anymore.

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