Test Inks

Test Inks can make statements on the adhesive strength of printing inks, coatings and adhesives on all surfaces such as plastic, metal and glass as well as on the degree of cleanliness in mN/m (dyne/cm).


For testing the surface tension

To determine the cleanliness of surfaces


Test Inks PINK

• Available in a range of 28 to 60mN/m surface tension.
• Available in bottles or in pens
• PINK test ink is non-toxic.

Test Inks BLUE

• Available in a range of 18.4 to 105 mN/m surface tension.
• Available in bottles or in pens (28 to 70 mN/m)
• According to ISO8296, DIN 53364 toxic corresponds to 24 to 56 mN/m


• Available in 38 mN/m.
• Available in pens.


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Quality Assurance

For quality assurance, the inks are tested using a state-of-the-art contact angle measuring device, taking temperature and density into account. Safety data sheets provide information on handling, storage and transport regulations.

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