Test Inks

For testing the surface tension

To determine the cleanliness of surfaces

NEW Test Pen PINK Jumbo

30 - 44 mN/m
• with accuracy +/- 1,0 mN/m
• observation time: 4 seconds
• 15 mm line width
• available in sets of 4, 6 and 8 pcs.
or as single pens, 17 ml
• simple handling
• no spilling
• optimal for testing large areas


is a solution based on ethyl alcohol. It serves to improve cleanliness on various surfaces such as metals, glass and plastics. With the arcotestCLEANER also tested parts can be reused by wiping off the test ink. As the surfaces formulations are very different, a suitability test should be carried out before each application.
Properties of the arcotestCLEANER
• better cleanliness due to surface cleaning
• Solvent system based on ethyl alcohol
• no unpleasant odour
• dries very quickly
• can clean and possibly increase adhesion-strength in one step
• increase adhesion strength
• easy cleaning of the applied test inks
• available in 250 ml aluminium bottles


Rapidtest 38® serves to check if the treatment of polyolefins has shown an effect onto the material. The fluid applied to the surface will dry within seconds, it does not need to be wiped off anymore.
• not toxic to aquatic organisms
• does not cause eye damage
• not harmful to health
• extremely easy to handle
• perfect for quick checks on polyolefins
• no wiping off necessary, lasting display of result
• archiving of the image possibl


• better color presentation
• big line 15 mm
• optimal for testing large film areas
The test fluid of RAPIDTEST 38® and QUICKTEST 38®contains solvent. This might cause wrong results being displayed on materials not being solvent resistant, as PS for example.

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